Overhearing packet transmissions to reduce preamble overhead and improve throughput in IEEE 802.11 networks
A Message-Passing Algorithm for Wireless Network Scheduling
Advanced DSP Techniques Enabling High Spectral Efficiency and Flexible Transmissions: Toward elastic optical networks
Identification of meat spoilage by FTIR spectroscopy and neural networks
Evaluation of energy efficiency of spectrum sensing algorithm for Cognitive Radio networks
Performance Evaluation of LTE Network via Using Fixed/Mobile Femtocells
Design proposal and performance specification of data bus network for small aircraft ensuring high reliability
Hardware Abstraction and Protocol Optimization for Coded Sensor Networks
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Thermal-Adaptive Routing Strategy for Networks-on-Chip

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Stability-Aware and Energy Efficient Cell Management in Ultra Dense Networks
Transmission scheme over MAC for energy consumption reduction in wireless sensor networks based on IEEE 802.15.4
Learning dynamic features with neural networks for phoneme recognition
Uncertainty quantification of Group Synchronization and control of a new class of adaptive complex dynamical network with brownian motion and Time-varying Delay
Random Network Coding for Multimedia Delivery Services in LTE/LTE-Advanced
Green grooming in elastic optical networks
Implementing encryption with Enhanced Mobility Aware Routing Protocol for Bluetooth network
A college admissions game for uplink user association in wireless small cell networks
Demystifying the scaling laws of dense wireless networks: No linear scaling in practice
Sum-rate analysis for full-duplex underlay device-to-device networks

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On Critical Event Observability Using Social Networks: A Disaster Monitoring Perspective
Increasing Network Resiliency by Optimally Assigning Diverse Variants to Routing Nodes
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