Identification of K most vulnerable nodes in multi-layered network using a new model of interdependency
Cooperative multicast aided picocellular hybrid information dissemination in mobile social networks: Delay/energy evaluation and relay selection
Max-Min Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Interference-Limited Wireless Networks
Efficient neighbor discovery in mobile opportunistic networking using mobility awareness
Kalman filtering for multi-path network synchronization
Distributed Bayesian estimation of arrival rates in asynchronous monitoring networks
Demonstration of an in-building optical bus network for wireless access

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Equity-effectiveness tradeoff in the allocation of flows in closed queueing networks
Five-round adaptive diagnosis in Hamiltonian networks
A Generalized Nash Equilibrium Approach for Robust Cognitive Radio Networks via Generalized Variational Inequalities
Advanced sensor placement algorithm for grid modeled networks
Secure Reliable Group Communication for Tactical Networks
Multiple resource allocation in OFDMA downlink networks: End-to-end energy-efficient approach
Content dissemination in vehicular social networks: taxonomy and user satisfaction
An approach to improved energy efficient hybrid clustering in wireless sensor networks
IEEE Draft Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Link Aggregation

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Joint Channel Selection and Power Control in Infrastructureless Wireless Networks: A Multi-Player Multi-Armed Bandit Framework
Simulation and investigation of Zigbee sensor network with mobility support
A new control plane for 5G network architecture with a case study on unified handoff, mobility, and routing management
Quantized Ergodic Radio Resource Allocation in Cognitive Femto Networks with Controlled Collision and Power Outage Probabilities
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