Wireless Sensor Network-based air quality monitoring system
Modeling User Interactions in Social Communication Networks with Variable Social Vector Clocks
Distributed Deployment Algorithms for Efficient Coverage in a Network of Mobile Sensors With Nonidentical Sensing Capabilities
Lattice Coding for the Two-Way Line Network
A chance constrained approach for uplink wireless OFDMA networks

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The Role of Location Popularity in Multicast Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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Designing an Optical Island in the Core Network: From Routing to Spectrum Allocation
Fault-tolerant consensus in oscillator networks with assignment of agreement laws and dynamics
A New Multipath Grid-Based Geographic Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

ns3 in ubuntu 12.04
Device Power Saving and Latency Optimization in LTE-A Networks Through DRX Configuration
Coded Modulation for Fiber-Optic Networks: Toward better tradeoff between signal processing complexity and optical transparent reach
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Network-based distributed mobility management for network mobility
QoS constrained optimal sink and relay placement in planned wireless sensor networks
Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Data-Gathering Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network Design Problem
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Forecasting the Colombian Exchange Market Index (IGBC) using Neural Networks
ns3 in ubuntu 12.04