27.7 A scalable 1.5-to-6Gb/s 6.2-to-38.1mW LDPC decoder for 60GHz wireless networks in 28nm UTBB FDSOI
Biologically-inspired neural network for traffic signal control
Optimizing Small Cell Range in Heterogeneous and Load-Coupled LTE Networks
On performance evaluation of hybrid decode-amplify-forward relaying protocol with partial relay selection in underlay cognitive networks
Maximizing investment income of SSP for spectrum trading in cognitive radio networks
Mitigating Constant Jamming in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Hybrid FEC Code
Microcontroller based maximum power point tracking through FCC and MLP Neural Networks
A deterministic small-world topology based optical switching network architecture for data centers
Neural network based transformer incipient fault detection
Conversation Emotional Modeling in Social Networks

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Optimal Charging of Electric Vehicles Taking Distribution Network Constraints Into Account
An Optimized LEACH Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
Manufacturing Sensor Network Based on Multi-Radio and Multi-Channel
Fast train: A computationally efficient train routing and scheduling engine for general rail networks
Radio channel measurements in live LTE networks for MIMO Over-the-Air emulation
Service-aware network function placement for efficient traffic handling in carrier cloud
PESCA: a peer-to-peer social network architecture with privacy-enabled social communication and data availability
Throughput of Large One-hop Ad-hoc Wireless Networks with General Fading
Evaluation of available channel quality for secondary usage in cognitive radio networks
Interference alignment in cognitive radio networks
Distribution network reinforcement planning for high penetration level of distributed generation

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Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing With Limited Feedback in Poisson Cognitive Radio Networks
Emulating co-channel interference in wireless networks using equivalent low-tap filters
Live field trial of Licensed Shared Access (LSA) concept using LTE network in 2.3 GHz band
Characterizing and Exploiting Temporal-Spatial Radio Resource Margins in Cellular Networks
A Cognitive TCP Design for a Cognitive Radio Network with an Unstable-Bandwidth Link
Artificial neural network approach for on-line ATC estimation in deregulated power system
A Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Emphasizing Region of Interest via a More Effective Swarm Intelligence Method
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