Vision-Based Coordinated Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks
Decode and forward relaying for energy-efficient multiuser cooperative cognitive radio network with outage constraints
Learning a repertoire of actions with deep neural networks
On the design and analysis of Data Center Network architectures for interconnecting dual-port servers
A Sensitivity Analysis Toolkit for the Simplification of MV Distribution Network Voltage Management
Tutorial Session in: Large-scale hierarchical control for congested urban networks

ns3 simulator tutorial
100 Gbps alien wavelength installation in a production DWDM network
Community-home-based Multi-copy Routing in Mobile Social Networks
Electromagnetic algorithm for tuning the structure and parameters of neural networks
Semi-supervised Classification of Human Actions Based on Neural Networks
Distributed decorrelation in sensor networks with application to distributed particle filtering
Demonstration abstract: OpenSky — A large-scale ADS-B sensor network for research
Hybrid Collision-Free Medium Access (HCFMA) Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks: Design and Performance Evaluation
A Stochastic Mean Field Model for an Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Drive Cortical Neuronal Network
Polylogarithmic Competitive Algorithm for Energy Minimization in Optical WDM Networks
Performance evaluation of novel call admission control schemes for femtocell networks through adjustion QoS
A Collaborative Computing Framework of Cloud Network and WBSN Applied to Fall Detection and 3-D Motion Reconstruction
Network innovation in humanitarian affairs
On-line detection and estimation of gaseous point sources using sensor networks
Optimal energy-bandwidth allocation for energy harvesting interference networks

ns3 simulator tutorial
Understanding Practical Limitations of Network Coding for Assisted Proximate Communication
Energy saving in an integrated home network infrastructure
Design and Application of a VOC Monitoring System Based on a ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
Real-time monitoring and intelligent control for greenhouses based on wireless sensor network
Situational Knowledge Representation for Traffic Observed by a Pavement Vibration Sensor Network
On the feasibility of handover over WiFi backhaul in LTE-based aerial-terrestrial networks
ns3 simulator tutorial