Single-Hop Transport Throughput of Secondary Networks in Spectrum Sharing Systems
Combinatorial spectrum auction with multiple heterogeneous sellers in cognitive radio networks
Randomized Gradient-Free Method for Multiagent Optimization Over Time-Varying Networks
EEG-based emotion classification using deep belief networks
A new intelligent algorithm for load shedding against overload in active distribution networks
A radio resource scheduling scheme for periodic M2M communications in cellular networks
Mutualized OpenFlow architecture for network access management

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Trustworthy Distributed Computing on Social Networks
Characterizing the achievable throughput in wireless networks with two active RF chains
Realizing wireless power transfer in cellular networks
From Resilient Computing Architectural Concepts to Wireless Sensor Network-Based Applications (Short Paper)
Study of campus network security based on SAPPDRR model
Measuring accuracy and performance of network emulators
On the Throughput of Two-Way Relay Networks Using Network Coding

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KPAT: A kernel and protocol analysis tool for embedded networking devices
Security and privacy in mobile social networks: challenges and solutions
Neural-network-based space-vector pulse-width modulation for capacitor voltage balancing of threephase three-level improved power quality converter
Quality of experience-centric management in LTE-A mobile networks: The Device-to-Device communication paradigm
Fault tolerant BeeHive routing in mobile ad-hoc multi-radio network
A case for CDN-as-a-service in the cloud: A Mobile Cloud Networking argument
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