Performance analysis of distributed cooperation under uncoordinated network interference
Features Based IUGR Diagnosis Using Variational Level Set Method and Classification Using Artificial Neural Networks
Distributed data fusion algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
A service-based schedule scheme in flexi-grid optical network
A collaborative filtering recommendation based on user profile and user behavior in online social networks
Cognitive packet network for QoS adaptation of asymmetric connections
HYDRA: a Scalable Ultra Long Reach/High Capacity Access Network Architecture Featuring Lower Cost and Power Consumption
A policy based conflict resolution mechanism for MLB and MRO in LTE self-optimizing networks
Distributed Rate Allocation in Inter-Session Network Coding
Optimal Subsidies for Shared Small Cell Networks —A Social Network Perspective
Non-Regenerative Relaying for Network Localization

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Remotely accessible computer network laboratory with hands-on experience
The Case for Embedded Networks on Chip on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Binocular visual servoing based on PID neural network
Optimisation of layer rate and wavelength allocation based on network coding for multirate optical multicast
Distributed Transceiver Design and Power Control for Wireless MIMO Interference Networks
Autonomic load balancing in the future disintegrated and virtualized networks
Distance distributions for real cellular networks
Recent open source wireless sensor network supporting simulators: A performance comparison
A General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

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An efficient solution to locate sparsely congested links by network tomography
Research and implementation of wireless home network in smart home
Distributed data centric similarity storage scheme in wireless sensor network
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