Variation of OTN switching benefits in real-world networks based on network and traffic connectivity
Network-Coded Cooperation Over Time-Varying Channels
Hierarchical Focus+Context Heterogeneous Network Visualization
Base Station Sleeping and Resource Allocation in Renewable Energy Powered Cellular Networks
Optimal Scheduling for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Cognitive Cellular Networks
Joint Beamforming Design and Time Allocation for Wireless Powered Communication Networks
A Novel Graphic Coverage Hole Description in Wireless Sensor Networks
On optimal power allocation and relay assignment in multiuser cognitive radio networks
A reinforcement learning-based routing scheme for cognitive radio ad hoc networks

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Distributed parameter system from Contact mechanics: Modelling and computational issues based on cellular neural networks paradigm
Propagation Analysis of Malware Families in Mobile P2P Networks
A factor — Artificial neural network model for time series forecasting: The case of South Africa
From music audio to chord tablature: Teaching deep convolutional networks toplay guitar
Joint spectrum partition and user association in multi-tier heterogeneous networks
A No-Go Theorem for One-Layer Feedforward Networks
TOA-Based Passive Localization in Quasi-Synchronous Networks

NS3 Projects for
Performance Analysis of Antenna Selection in Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks
Preventive Control Stability Via Neural Network Sensitivity
A New Transmission Control Protocol for Active RFID Networks
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