Achieving high reliability in Aerial-Terrestrial networks: Opportunistic space-time coding
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Schedulability decision of charging missions in wireless rechargeable sensor networks
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Packet-based load-balancing in fat-tree based data center networks
A generalised conductance-based silicon neuron for large-scale spiking neural networks
Adaptive algorithms for automated intruder detection in surveillance networks
Automatic Generation of LUTs for Hardware Neural Networks

ns3 network simulator tutorial
Efficient small cell discovery mechanism exploiting network synchronization and assistance for future radio access networks
Millimeter-Wave Enhanced Local Area Systems: A High-Data-Rate Approach for Future Wireless Networks
Sensor Scheduling for Multi-Modal Confident Information Coverage In Sensor Networks
Crosstalk Noise in WDM-Based Optical Networks-on-Chip: A Formal Study and Comparison
Required number of small-cells in heterogenous networks with non-uniform traffic distribution
On end-to-end capacity of MIMO nonregenerative relay networks via time scheduling and subchannel pairing
Pricing policies for femtocell service adoption in two-tier cellular networks
Graph-based User Satisfaction Aware Fair Resource Allocation in OFDMA Femtocell Networks

ns3 network simulator tutorial
Area coverage in wireless sensor network by using harmony search algorithm
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Subset relay selection in wireless cooperative networks using sparsity-inducing norms
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ns3 network simulator tutorial