A multiband antenna composed of helical elements for sensor networks
Consensus protocols for distributed tracking in wireless camera networks
Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
GA based packet dropping scheme for wireless multimedia cellular network
An SIP-based Location Management Framework in Opportunistic WiFi Networks

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Forwarder set based dynamic duty cycling in asynchronous wireless sensor networks
Joint Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Uplink MIMO Cellular Networks
VCSEL technologies and their applications from access networks to terabit interconnects
A Smart Strategy for Voltage Control Ancillary Service in Distribution Networks
Spectrally encoded code-division multiple access for cognitive radio networks
Solutions for a single carrier 40 Gbit/s downstream long-reach passive optical network
Early alert system using relative positioning in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
MUCM: Multilevel User Cluster Mining Based on Behavior Profiles for Network Monitoring
A portable hybrid hydrogen fuel cell-battery power unit for wireless sensor network

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SYNERGY: A game-theoretical approach for cooperative key generation in wireless networks
Structured spectrum allocation and user association in heterogeneous cellular networks
Distributed spectrum leasing via vertical cooperation in spectrum sharing networks
Aadaptive signal de-noising based on feedback networks and counterpropagation network
Transmission of data with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique for communication networks using GHz frequency band soliton carrier
Can a Single Image Denoising Neural Network Handle All Levels of Gaussian Noise?
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