Revision of the rules for carrying out low-voltage live working on electrical networks
Model-Driven-Development-Based Stepwise Software Development Process for Wireless Sensor Networks
A centralised DC power supply solution for LED lighting networks
A wireless full-duplex and multi-hop network with collision avoidance using directional antennas
Generalized resource sharing for multiple operators in cellular wireless networks
Wireless network optimization by Perron-Frobenius theory

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GENI with a Network Processing Unit: Enriching SDN Application Experiments
Opportunistic network decoupling in multi-source interfering relay networks
The Mean Interference-to-Signal Ratio and Its Key Role in Cellular and Amorphous Networks
Simultaneous information and power transfer for relay-assisted cognitive radio networks
Robust power allocation in cognitive radio networks with uncertain knowledge of interference
Sparse Beamforming in Multiple Multi-Antenna Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
Training Recurrent Neural Networks With the Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm for Optimal Control of a Grid-Connected Converter
Load Balancing in IP Networks Using Generalized Destination-Based Multipath Routing
TSBM: The Temporal-Spatial Bayesian Model for Location Prediction in Social Networks

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Influence maximization in social networks with user attitude modification
Dynamic Cooperative Secondary Access in Hierarchical Spectrum Sharing Networks
QoS techniques in multimedia wireless cellular network
Cooperative spectrum allocation with QoS support in cognitive cooperative vehicular ad hoc networks
Dynamic Latent Expertise Mining in Social Networks
ns3 network module h