An adjustable memristor model and its application in small-world neural networks
Optimality and Approximate Optimality of Source-Channel Separation in Networks
Influence of financial equivalent of supply interruption on decision making in distribution networks
Neural networks as nonlinear compensator models for digital communication systems
Characterization of probabilistic signaling networks through signal propagation
Scalable algorithms for QoS-aware virtual network mapping for cloud services
Low complexity power allocation scheme for regenerative multi-user relay networks
Exploiting Sender-Based Link Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks

ns3 network coding
A Trust-Aware System for Personalized User Recommendations in Social Networks
A study of stealthy denial-of-service attacks in Wi-Fi direct device-to-device networks
Feel Bored? Join Verse! Engineering Vehicular Proximity Social Network
Cryptography based secure multipath routing protocols in wireless sensor network: A survey
Algorithm and Architecture for a Low-Power Content-Addressable Memory Based on Sparse Clustered Networks
My memories about the book: Microwave filters, impedance-matching networks, and coupling structures
TMAC — Token based MAC protocol for cognitive radio wireless mesh network
Trustworthy Service Composition in Service-Oriented Mobile Social Networks

ns3 network coding
FMC traffic model for aggregation networks
Upgrading to low loss ROADMs and additional line amplifiers for increased capacity in EDFA and Raman flexgrid networks
A cooperative software-hardware approach for wireless body area network implementation
ns3 network coding