A neural network architecture combining VHR SAR and multispectral data for precision farming in viticulture
Probabilistic Threat Propagation for Network Security
HyFI: Hybrid flow initiation in software defined networks
A dual-polarized solar cell stacked microstrip patch antenna with a ?/4 DC/RF isolation circuit for 5.8 GHz band WiMAX networks
Model predictive control implementation and simulation for urban traffic networks
Probabilistic transformer fault tree analysis using Bayesian networks
Interreciprocity in Linear Periodically Time-Varying Networks With Sampled Outputs
Mobile Station Tracking in Multipath Wireless Networks Using Ensemble Square Root Filter

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Stackelberg Game Theoretic Approach for Probabilistic Network Coding in Retransmission Mechanism
Improved relay selection for decode-and-forward cooperative wireless networks under secrecy rate maximization
Base Station Activation and Linear Transceiver Design for Optimal Resource Management in Heterogeneous Networks
Detection and Classification of Nonstationary Transient Signals Using Sparse Approximations and Bayesian Networks
Demonstration abstract: A MEMS-based airflow sensor network
Anomaly based intrusion detection of packet dropping attacks in mobile ad-hoc networks
Improving smartphone battery life utilizing device-to-device cooperative relays underlaying LTE networks
Connectivity in dense networks confined within right prisms

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Spectrum sensing for TDS-OFDM systems in Cognitive Radio Networks
Energy efficient broadcast radius optimization in cellular networks
Using Network Tainting to Bound the Scope of Network Ingress Attacks

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