Proactive protection scheme for Small Backoff Window attack over Cognitive Radio Networks
Exact solution of an approximate weighted least squares estimate of energy-based source localization in sensor networks
Auxiliary graph model for dynamic traffic grooming in elastic optical networks with sliceable optical transponder
Circular Pipelining: Minimizing Round-Trip Delay in Low-Duty-Cycle Wireless Networks
On the use of space-time bock codes for opportunistic large array network
An artificial neural network for wideband pre-distortion of efficient pico-cell power amplifiers
Online process transformation for polyhedral process networks in shared-memory MPSoCs
On the Stability of local Voltage Control in Distribution Networks with a High Penetration of Inverter-Based Generation
A reservation-based scheduling mechanism for fair QoS provisioning in packet-based networks
Optimization of Surge Arrester Locations in Overhead Distribution Networks

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Analysis of Capacitive Impedance Matching Networks for Simultaneous Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Devices
Emergency handling in MICS based Body Area Network
Towards Using Probabilities and Logic to Model Regulatory Networks
Demonstration of a video-aware multicast opportunistic routing protocol over 802.11 two-hop mesh networks
Achievable Throughput Optimization in OFDM Systems in the Presence of Interference and its Application to Power Line Networks
Improving Small Cell Performance through Switched Multi-element Antenna Systems in Heterogeneous Networks
LOCON: A lookup-based content-oriented networking framework
MAPPER: A Mobile Application Personal Policy Enforcement Router for Enterprise Networks

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1.5-┬Ám, 10-Gbps 4-PAM VCSEL transmission for optical access networks
Design and deployment of a wireless sensor network for landslide risk management
An evaluation procedure for estimating voltage ripple caused by cloud shadows moving over high-penetration PV distribution networks
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