Asymptotic analysis for dual-hop communication networks with PSK and imperfect CSI
A secure communication suite for cluster-based Underwater Surveillance Networks
Assessment of the adaptive routing performance of a Wireless Sensor Network using smart antennas
Simplified and accurate analytic model for interference analysis in cellular networks
Sound fields clusterization via neural networks
Multi-hop Geographic Transmission Scheme for the Uplink in Mesh Networks
A stable route selection algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks

ns3 installation in ubuntu 12.04
Security Access Protocols in IoT Networks with Heterogenous Non-IP Terminals
Learning features from High Speed Train vibration signals with Deep Belief Networks
Video Multicasting With Channel Diversity in Wireless OFDMA Networks
IEEE Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery – Corrigendum 2: Technical and editorial corrections
Mobile-to-mobile energy replenishment in mission-critical robotic sensor networks
Properties and Performance of Imperfect Dual Neural Network-Based (k) WTA Networks
Mismatched side information in wireless network compression via overhearing helpers
Incentive-Driven and Freshness-Aware Content Dissemination in Selfish Opportunistic Mobile Networks
Survivable Virtual Network Design and Embedding to Survive a Facility Node Failure

ns3 installation in ubuntu 12.04
Performance analysis of Wireless Sensor Network
An on-line learning algorithm using the decomposition and coordination of a neural network
Number of clusters formed in an emergency cognitive radio network and upper bound of network simultaneous transmission capacity

ns3 installation in ubuntu 12.04