Queue oscillation suppression in large-scale networks by extended network disturbance
Joint optimization of transmission performance and bandwidth utilization based on Software Defined Networks
A Sensitivity Approach to Model Local Voltage Controllers in Distribution Networks
Automated diagnostics of current pick-up disturbances in electric traction networks
Hardware conversion of neural networks simulation models for neural processing accelerator implemented as FPGA-based SoC
A Novel Sensory Data Processing Framework to Integrate Sensor Networks With Mobile Cloud
Distributed data query with dynamic bounded-error in wireless sensor networks
Control over lossy networks: A dynamic game approach
A flexible mechanism for efficient transmission of aperiodic real-time messages over EtherCAT networks

ns3 installation in ubuntu 10.04
Power adjustment mechanism using context information for interference mitigation in two-tier heterogeneous networks
Rapidly Void Detection in TSVs With 2-D X-Ray Imaging and Artificial Neural Networks
Design of a Mix Network Using Connectivity Index — A Novel Privacy Enhancement Approach
Selective DF relaying in multi-relay networks with different modulation levels
On the Security of Cognitive Radio Networks
A framework for power saving in IoT networks
CACC: A context-aware congestion control approach in smartphone networks
Utility-based resource allocation for real-time IPTV in wireless networks

ns3 installation in ubuntu 10.04
Spreading Information in Mobile Wireless Networks
DC / DC converters as DC circuit-breakers in HVDC networks operation
Fairness and throughput balancing via power control in wireless backhaul networks
On Exploiting Sampling Jitter in Vehicular Sensor Networks
Performance Analysis of Multiuser Multiple Antenna Relaying Networks with Co-Channel Interference and Feedback Delay
ns3 installation in ubuntu 10.04