Maximizing relaxation time in oscillator networks with implications for neurostimulation
Savant: A framework for supporting content accountability in information centric networks
DoS and port scan attack detection in high speed networks
Counting in Anonymous Dynamic Networks under Worst-Case Adversary
A general framework of hybrid graph sampling for complex network analysis
Fault propagation model in mobile ad hoc network based on random walk model

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Seamless streaming with intelligent rate determinate algorithm in content centric networks
Improving the stability in overlay and native networks
Real-time localization of multiple audio sources in a wireless acoustic sensor network
Integration of Brain-like neural network and infancy behaviors for robotic pointing
Lattice-reduction aided Successive Optimization Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding strategies for physical-layer security in wireless networks
A SystemC-based framework for the simulation of appliances networks in energy-aware smart spaces
Field operational testing for safety improvement of freight trains using wireless monitoring by sensor network
Resource allocation for multi-antenna multicast in OFDM-based cognitive radio networks with imperfect channel information
A novel intelligent mobile robot navigation technique for avoiding obstacles using RBF neural network
Cooperative Sensing Scheduling for Energy-Efficient Cognitive Radio Networks

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An autonomous decentralized control for indirectly controlling system performance variable in large-scale and wide-area network
Hybrid Data Aggregation Technique in Wireless Sensor Network through Classification of Fruitful Messages
End-to-end delay analysis of WeChat video call service in live DC-HSPA+ network
Beaconless cooperative localization in wireless sensor network: Implementing Cellular Automata Von Neumann neighborhood
Analysis of Sub-Band Allocation in Multi-Service Cognitive Radio Access Networks
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