A Practical Negotiation-Based Team Formation Model for Non-cooperative Social Networks
ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard for Information technology–Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Local and metropolitan area networks–Specific requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 2: MAC Enhancements for Robust Audio Video Streaming (adoption ofIEEE Std 802.11aa-2012)
Power efficient mechanism for MTC UEs in LTE-A networks

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Narrow-band indoor localization in cognitive radio networks using compressed sensing
To Shut Them Up or to Clarify: Restraining the Spread of Rumors in Online Social Networks
Bacterial foraging search in unstructured P2P networks
Leveraging routing performance and congestion avoidance in predictable delay tolerant networks
Hybrid Random Access and Data Transmission Protocol for Machine-to-Machine Communications in Cellular Networks
Distributed dynamic feedback control for smart power networks with tree topology
Sequential Learning for Multi-Channel Wireless Network Monitoring With Channel Switching Costs
Throughput-Optimal Queue Length Based CSMA/CA Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks
Secure Transmission with Optimal Power Allocation in Untrusted Relay Networks
Design of parallel test system based on ZigBee wireless networks

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Energy-efficient power allocation for distributed large-scale MIMO cloud radio access networks
Small K-Teams Recommendation in Social Learning Networks
Void Detection in TSVs With X-Ray Image Multithreshold Segmentation and Artificial Neural Networks
Dynamic Surface Control Using Neural Networks for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Input Saturation
Heuristically enhanced dynamic neural networks for structurally improving photovoltaic power forecasting

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