Mitigation of electromagnetic radiation in heterogeneous home network using routing algorithm
SD-CRN: Software Defined Cognitive Radio Network Framework
Deep process neural network for temporal deep learning
A recursive method for bias estimation in asymmetric packet-based networks
Broadcast-based data delivery strategy for V2I multihop vehicular networks
Full-duplex cooperative transmission scheduling in fast-fading MIMO relaying wireless networks
ROSALNet: A spectrum aware TDMA mesh network for rural Internet connectivity

NS3 Academic projects
A lightweight and robust interference mitigation scheme for wireless body sensor networks in realistic environments
ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard Information technology–Telecommunications and information exchange between systems–Local and metropolitan area networks–Specific requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 1: Prioritization of Management Frames (adoption of IEEE Std 802-11ae-2012)
Cooperative strategies for distributed full-duplex relay networks with limited dynamic range
Online Social Networks: Threats and Solutions
Avalanche: Data center Multicast using software defined networking
Physical layer characteristics and design of long haul fast turn-on/off and flow switched all-optical networks
Hierarchical Radio Resource Optimization for Heterogeneous Networks With Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC)
Optimization of ensemble neural networks with fuzzy integration using the particle swarm algorithm for the US Dollar/MX time series prediction

NS3 Academic projects
Performance-Aware Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Multihop Networks Via a Weighted Backpressure Approach
Coverage aspects of cooperative multi-hop line networks in correlated shadowed environment
Degradation Modeling and Maintenance Decisions Based on Bayesian Belief Networks
Robust Transceiver Design for Wireless Information and Power Transmission in Underlay MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks
Use of high resolution flash density data and GIS analysis methods in power utilities networks
The study on configuration of multi-tenant networks in SDN controller

NS3 Academic projects