Continuous synchronization for LED-to-LED visible light communication networks
Performance comparison of positioning techniques in Wi-Fi networks
Distributed Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks: An Overlapping Coalition Formation Approach
On deployment optimization strategy for hybrid wireless sensor networks
Connected wireless camera network deployment with visibility coverage
Application of artificial neural network and multiple linear regression models for predicting survival time of patients with non-small cell cancer using multiple prognostic factors including FDG-PET measurements
The optimal joint multicast routing and scheduling in multi-hop wireless networks

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Sparsity Enhanced Mismatch Model for Robust Spatial Intercell Interference Cancellation in Heterogeneous Networks
N:1 Protection design for minimising olts in resilient dual-homed long-reach passive optical network
Induced Current Pharmacological Split Stimulation System for Neuronal Networks
Energy-Neutral Communication Protocol for Very Low Power Microbial Fuel Cell Based Wireless Sensor Network
Design of amplify-and-forward relaying schemes for layered relay networks
Evaluating the controller capacity in software defined networking
Differentially Private Location Recommendations in Geosocial Networks

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Optimal path planning of mobile ad-hoc sensor network using unmanned aerial vehicles’ (UAVs’)
Coordinated Multipoint Transmission in Dense Cellular Networks With User-Centric Adaptive Clustering
Network optimization exploiting traffic grooming techniques under fixed and elastic spectrum allocation
Multicast Networks with Variable-Length Limited Feedback
Photonic switching technologies to build a network free from energy and capacity crunch
Location-aware probabilistic route discovery for cognitive radio networks
CARMEN: a cognitive networking testbed on android OS devices
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