IEEE Draft Amendment to Standard for Information technology– Local and metropolitan area networks– Specific requirements– Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications – Amendment: Medium Access Method (MAC) Quality of Service Enhancements
A Wireless Body Sensor Network for Activity Monitoring with Low Transmission Overhead
Research on Explosion Points Location of Remote Target-Scoring Systems Based on McWiLL and RS-485 Networks
Robust Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Schemes for Cognitive Radio Networks
Autonomous Deployment for Load Balancing k-Surface Coverage in Sensor Networks
An intelligent spectrum handoff scheme based on overflow queuing theory in Cognitive Radio Networks
Trade-offs between compression, energy and quality of video streaming applications in wireless networks
Speed Adaptive Probabilistic Flooding for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

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Two-Dimensional Route Switching in Cognitive Radio Networks: A Game-Theoretical Framework
Unsupervised Time Series Segmentation for High-Dimensional Body Sensor Network Data Streams
A Building Energy Management System Based on Facility Sensor Networks
Toward integrating overlay and physical networks for robust parallel processing architecture
Robust Cooperative Beamforming and Artificial Noise Design for Physical-Layer Secrecy in AF Multi-Antenna Multi-Relay Networks
An efficient transmission strategy in 802.11 MAC in wireless delay-tolerant sensor network
System Level Assessment of Vehicular MIMO Antennas in 4G LTE Live Networks
Outage Performance of DF-Based Cooperative Multicast in Spectrum-Sharing Cognitive Relay Networks
Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm for Switch Placement in Radial Power Distribution Networks

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Using a multi-source NTP watchdog to increase the robustness of PTPv2 in financial industry networks
Optimizing handover decision and target selection in LTE-A network-based on MIH protocol
A Wearable 8-Channel Active-Electrode EEG/ETI Acquisition System for Body Area Networks
Efficient Resource Allocation for MIMO-OFDM Cognitive Networks with Adaptive Precoding
Design of reliable optical path networks that consist of large scale subsystem-modular OXC nodes
Emergent Behaviors over Signed Random Dynamical Networks: State-Flipping Model
Mathematical sub-flow graphs with application to social networks analysis
Blind Channel and Source Estimation in Networked Systems
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