PEV-based P-Q control in line distribution networks with high requirement for reactive power compensation
Sharpe ratio for user association design in downlink heterogeneous cellular networks
Wireless multihop networking for a scalable indoor temperature monitoring system
Efficient Allocation of Periodic Feedback Channels in Broadband Wireless Networks
Sensor Failure Detection, Identification and Accommodation using Fully Connected Cascade Neural Network
Uplink performance of large optimum-combining antenna arrays in poisson-cell networks
Near-Optimal Deterministic Steiner Tree Maintenance in Sensor Networks
Entanglement Distribution in Optical Networks

Network simulator 3 Tutorial
Information and Energy Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks
Graph-based robust resource allocation for cognitive radio networks
Derating line voltage as an option for reliability enhancement of lightly loaded networks
EMI-aware central processing point deployment for wireless networks in hospitals
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Microwave MEMS Antenna Sensor Characterization and Target Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks
Connectivity preserving task allocation in mobile robotic sensor network
Investigating the impact of plug-in electric vehicle charging on power distribution systems with the integrated modeling and simulation of transportation network

Network simulator 3 Tutorial
System-Level Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Effects in WDM-Based Optical Networks-on-Chip
A relay-based coverage area model for optimal connectivity in vehicular networks
Performance analysis of cooperative content delivery in wireless IoT networks
Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks Under Imperfect Spectrum Sensing
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Multiple target tracking with wireless sensor network for ground battlefield surveillance
Network simulator 3 Tutorial