Coordinating active and reactive energy balances in islanded networks supported by renewables and BESS
A multi-attribute decision making approach to congestion control in delay tolerant networks
Bidirectional Buffer-Aided Relay Networks with Fixed Rate Transmission — Part II: Delay-Constrained Case
Enabling Wireless Power Transfer in Cellular Networks: Architecture, Modeling and Deployment
Reliable video multicast over Wi-Fi networks with coordinated multiple APs
Detecting communities in social networks by techniques of clustering and analysis of communications
Convolutional Neural Networks for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment

Network simulator 3 projects
Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication PrinciplesConnected Optimal Two-Coverage of Sensor Networks
Collaborative Location-based Sleep Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks Integrated with Mobile Cloud Computing
Estimation of short circuit currents in mesh DC networks
A Fair Comparison of Pull and Push Strategies in Large Distributed Networks
A Remote Sensing-Based Approach for Debris-Flow Susceptibility Assessment Using Artificial Neural Networks and Logistic Regression Modeling
Promising radio networks frequency resource allocation cognitive approach
Voice source modelling using deep neural networks for statistical parametric speech synthesis
Network-Layer Performance Analysis of Multihop Fading Channels
High Availability solution for medium voltage BPL communication networks
Fuzzy Based Sleep Scheduling in TDM Passive Optical Network
Brain-Inspired Concept Networks: Learning Concepts from Cluttered Scenes

Network simulator 3 projects
Cloud service routing in WDM networks with awareness on delay and link failure probability
Signal detection in cognitive radio networks over AWGN, Nakagami-m and Nakagami-q channels
Pattern recognition with memristor networks
A Throughput-Optimized Optical Network for Data-Intensive Computing
Network simulator 3 projects