Interference Exploitation in D2D-enabled Cellular Networks: A Secrecy Perspective .
Clock and synchronization networks for a 3GHz 64bit ARMv8 8-core SoC
An Equation-Based Circuit Model and Its Generation Tool for 3-D IC Power Delivery Networks With an Emphasis on Coupling Effect
A new energy-efficient scheduling algorithm based on particle swarm optimization for cognitive radio networks
TTL sensitive social-aware routing in mobile opportunistic networks
Energy-efficient downlink transmission in two-tier network MIMO OFDMA networks

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Shortest Path Versus Multihub Routing in Networks With Uncertain Demand
Estimation of the use of voip server resources by neural networks
Achieving Cluster Consensus in Continuous-Time Networks of Multi-Agents with Inter-Cluster Non-Identical Inputs
Articulatory features from deep neural networks and their role in speech recognition
SINR balancing for non-regenerative two-way relay networks with interference neutralization
An Architecture for Coexistence with Multiple Users in Frequency Hopping Cognitive Radio Networks
Optimal Beaconing Control in Delay-Tolerant Networks With Multiple Destinations
Mobile agent information security in ad-hoc network
Power-Aware ON/OFF Switching Strategies of ENodeB for Green LTE Networks

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Goodput improvement for multipath transport control protocol in cooperative relay-based wireless networks
Joint Semi-Blind Channel Estimation and Synchronization in Two-Way Relay Networks
Complex Network Analysis Using Parallel Approximate Motif Counting
Nomographic Functions: Efficient Computation in Clustered Gaussian Sensor Networks
Cross-layer performance of channel scheduling mechanisms in small-cell networks
Network simulator 3 ppt