Computational Analysis of EMF Standards for Cellular Networks
Global Resources Integrated Resilience for Software Defined Data Center Interconnection Based on IP Over Elastic Optical Network
End-to-End Congestion Control for Content-Based Networks
Adaptation of multilingual stacked bottle-neck neural network structure for new language
Coverage in visual sensor networks with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras: The MaxFoV problem

Network simulator 3 manual
Wait-Free Primitives for Initializing Bayesian Network Structure Learning on Multicore Processors
Probability distribution of spectral hole duration in cognitive networks
An interactive approach for QualNet-based network model evaluation and testing at real time
A Wireless Body Area Network for carefree medical sensing
Multiattribute SCADA-Specific Intrusion Detection System for Power Networks

Network simulator 3 manual
A new energy consumption technique in wireless sensor network using reference point and imparting mechanism
Visualization of Wireless Sensor Network by a Java Framework for Security in Defense Surveillance
Design and implementation of an adaptive coding and modulation system for microwave radio transmission in mobile backhaul networks
Exploring spatial relationships and identifying influential nodes in cellular networks
Robust Fluid Processing Networks
Fluctuation analysis of debt based policies for wireless networks with hard delay constraints
Mobility management analysisy in LTE-A heterogeneous network
Data Collection in Multi-Application Sharing Wireless Sensor Networks

Network simulator 3 manual