Energy-efficient capacity optimization in wireless networks
Design and analysis for effective proximal discovery in machine-to-machine wireless networks
SEGR: A secure and efficient group roaming scheme for machine to machine communications between 3GPP and WiMAX networks
Forecasting precipitation from multi-platform remote sensing systems using wavelet-based neural network models
Spectrum leasing with disjoint secondary user selection in cognitive radio networks
Energy-efficient communication over the unsynchronized Gaussian diamond network
Multi-agent control system for increasing hosting capacity in active distribution networks with EV

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Design of a third generation Real-Time Cellular Neural Network emulator
Wireless Sensor Network Cloud services: Towards a partial delegation
Max-Weight Scheduling in Queueing Networks With Heavy-Tailed Traffic
Collective acoustic localization in a network of dual channel low power devices
Variable rate m-QAM assisted Packet Size Optimization for Cognitive Radio and MIMO Cognitive Radio based Sensor Networks
The Stability Region of the Delay in Pareto Opportunistic Networks

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Impact of Location Popularity on Throughput and Delay in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Parallel computing involving topology estimation and virtual measurement for distribution networks
Optical network unit-based traffic prediction for Ethernet passive optical networks
A scheduling algorithm for bandwidth aggregation in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Parallel Bayesian Network Modelling for Pervasive Health Monitoring System
Dynamic forced partitioning of robust hierarchical state estimators for power networks
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