Modelling brain electrical activity by reaction diffusion cellular nonlinear networks (RD-CNN) in laplace domain
Rate maximization in coupled MIMO systems: A generic algorithm for designing single-port matching networks
New delay-dependent stability criteria for networks with time-varying delays
Global standards, the key enablers for deploying next generation emergency communications networks
Message Authentication Using Proxy Vehicles in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Blind Transmission and Detection Designs With Unique Identification and Full Diversity for Noncoherent Two-Way Relay Networks
Impedance-based fault location in transmission networks: theory and application

Network simulator 3 examples
Study of target tracking and handover in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
Algorithms for Secrecy Guarantee With Null Space Beamforming in Two-Way Relay Networks
Research on Security Assessment and Maintenance Decision of Trains Based on Bayesian Networks
Cooperative Distributed Demand Management for Community Charging of PHEV/PEVs Based on KKT Conditions and Consensus Networks

Network simulator 3 examples
Dispersed chirp-z transform-based spectrum sensing and utilisation in cognitive radio networks
Joint channel estimation and pilot allocation in underlay cognitive MISO networks
Matching Services with Users in Opportunistic Network Environments
ConNet: A Network Programming Language with Concurrency
A novel quantum key in distributed networks
A graph-theoretic algorithm for localization of forced harmonic oscillation inputs in power system networks
Direct Synthesis of 2-D Coupled Microring Resonator Filter Networks
Network simulator 3 examples