Complexity of equilibrium in diffusion games on social networks
Compressive detection and localization of multiple heterogeneous events with sensor networks
Joint subchannel and power allocation for D2D communications in cellular networks
Transients detection and classification in distribution networks for high impedance faults identification
Towards test-driven software defined networking
Joint Spectrum and Power Auction With Multiauctioneer and Multibidder in Coded Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Network models of electromagnetic actuators
Profit-aware base station operation for green cellular networks
Optimal design of traffic signal controller using neural networks and fuzzy logic systems

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Cognitive green backhaul deployments for future 5G networks
Joint Optimal Data Rate and Power Allocation in Lossy Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Delay-Constrained Traffics
Multiple regression analysis of IEEE 802.16j relay network throughput
Dynamic channel assignment scheme with cooperative beam forming for multi-beam mobile satellite networks
Cognitive Adaptive Medium Access Control in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Distributed coalition formation algorithms for cooperative broadcast networks with SWIPT
Robust spectrum allocation for cognitive radio networks
Fault Location in Distribution Networks by Compressive Sensing
Duality on timing alignment and radio resources orthogonality toward 5G heterogeneous networks

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Artificial Neural Network Nonlinear Equalizer for Coherent Optical OFDM
Hydrothermal Formation of Tungsten Trioxide Nanowire Networks on Seed-Free Substrates and Their Properties in Electrochromic Device
Tri-Rank: An Authority Ranking Framework in Heterogeneous Academic Networks by Mutual Reinforce

M.TECH projects in networking ns3