Practical Routability-Driven Design Flow for Multilayer Power Networks Using Aluminum-Pad Layer
Outage performance for cognitive one-way and two-way relaying networks
A Robust Optimization Approach to Backup Network Design With Random Failures
An intelligent MPPT approach based on neural-network voltage estimator and fuzzy controller, applied to a stand-alone PV system
Locoduo – Low Cost Dual Hop Clustering Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Proxy support for service discovery using mDNS/DNS-SD in low power networks
Incremental-relaying cooperative-networks using dual transmit diversity and decode and forward relaying scheme with best relay selection

NS3 in B.Tech
Joint Connectivity-Coverage Temperature-Aware Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
Implementation of Energy Detection Method for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Based Embedded Wireless Sensor Network Node
A Cross-layer Based Packet Scheduling Scheme for Multimedia Traffic in Satellite LTE Networks
Establishing an alternative communication network in disaster situations using smart devices
Ergodic Randomized Algorithms and Dynamics over Networks
Proportional Sharing in Distributed Dynamic Spectrum Access-Based Networks
Comments and Corrections on “Stability of Genetic Regulatory Networks With Time Delay” [May 02 602-608]
Capacity Fade Estimation in Electric Vehicles Li-ion Batteries using Artificial Neural Networks
Bipartite consensus strategies for coopetition networks

NS3 in B.Tech
Dynamic Programming for the Control of Power Quality in Inbalanced Medium Voltage Networks with Distributed Generation
Data Dissemination Algorithms for Communicating Materials Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Estimates of Constrained Coded Modulation Capacity for Optical Networks
Algorithm for multiple targets localization and data association in distributed radar networks

NS3 in B.Tech