Latest NS3 Titles

11  Spectrum auctions for multimedia streaming over mobile cognitive radio networks[Network simulator3 code]
12  Covert nodes mining in social networks based on games theory[Network simulator3 code]
13  Instant Channel Allocation Technique to Improve System Throughput in Joint LTE Cellular Network[Network simulator3 code]
14  Delay distribution for a new version of a simple mac protocol for cognitive wireless networks[Network simulator3 code]
15  Optimizing offline access to social network content on mobile devices[Network simulator3 code]
16  Value Capturing and Role Playing in Social Networking Sites[networksimulator3projects]
17  Influence of Physical Layer Configuration on Performance of Elastic Optical OFDM Networks[networksimulation3projects]
18  Learning Deep and Wide: A Spectral Method for Learning Deep Networks[networksimulator3projects]
19  Defense against Primary User Emulation Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Advanced Encryption Standard[networksimulator3projects]
20  Throughput Scaling of Primary and Secondary Ad Hoc Networks with Same-Order Dimensions[networksimulator3projects]