IEEE NS3 Titles

1  Ant inspired server population management in a service based computing environment [network simulator3]
2  Coordinated fair resource sharing in dense indoor wireless networks[Network simulator3 code]
3  Assessment of multi-hop interpersonal trust in social networks by Three-Valued Subjective Logic[Network simulator3 code]
4  Splider: A split-based crawler of the BT-DHT network and its applications[Network simulator3 code]
5  Collaborative Network Configuration in Hybrid Electrical/Optical Data Center Networks[Network simulator3 code]
6  Routing Method Based on Relationships between Neighboring Nodes in Wireless Mesh Networks[Network simulator3 code]
7  Prevention of collisions among two Wireless Personal Area Networks[Network simulator3 project]
8  Personal clouds: Sharing and integrating networked resources to enhance end user experiences[Network simulator3 project]
9  On the performance of the LISP beta network[Network simulator3 project]
10  Analysis and detection of low quality information in social networks[Network simulator3 project]