2014 NS3 Titles

31  A Wireless Communication Architecture for Smart Grid Distribution Networks[networksimulator3]
32  Lifetime Maximization in Cognitive Sensor Networks Based on the Node Selection[networksimulator3]
33  A Localized Adaptive Strategy to Calculate the Backoff Interval in Contention-Based Vehicular Networks[networksimulator3]
34  Reliable Cooperative Communications Based on Random Network Coding in Multi-Hop Relay WSNs[networksimulator3]
35  Interference Self-Coordination: A Proposal to Enhance Reliability of System-Level Information in OFDM-Based Mobile Networks via PCI Planning[networksimulator3]
36  MR-Chord: Improved Chord Lookup Performance in Structured Mobile P2P Networks[networksimulator3]
37  Dynamic stochastic blockmodels for time-evolving social networks[networksimulator3]
38  Powering Mobile Networks With Green Energy[networksimulator3]
39  Mac Protocol Identification Using Support Vector Machines For Cognitive Radio Networks[networksimulator3]
40  Exploiting Socio-Physical Network Interactions Via A Utility-Based Framework For Resource Management In Mobile Social Networks[networksimulator3]