2014 NS3 Titles

21  Modeling and analyzing information diffusion behaviour of social networks[Network simulator3]
22  Congestion Control Scheme for Multimedia Streaming Service over High Bandwidth Delay Product Networks[Network simulator3]
23  Interaction Engineering: Achieving Perfect CSMA Handshakes in Wireless Networks[networksimulator3code]
24  Cluster-based Epidemic Control Through Smartphone-based Body Area Networks[networksimulator3code]
25  Coopetition Methodology for Resource Sharing in Distributed OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks[networksimulator3project]
26  Optimized Smart Grid Energy Procurement for LTE Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms[networksimulator3project]
27  Optimizing Client Association for Load Balancing and Fairness in Millimeter-Wave Wireless Networks[networksimulator3project]
28  Growing Spatially Embedded Social Networks for Activity-Travel Analysis Based on Artificial Transportation Systems[networksimulator3project]
29  A Real-Time Adaptive Algorithm for Video Streaming over Multiple Wireless Access Networks[networksimulator3project]
30  Quantum Key Distribution Based on Selective Post-Processing in Passive Optical Networks[networksimulator3]