2014 NS3 Titles

11  A Markov decision model for source video rate allocation and scheduling policies in mobile networks[Network simulator3]
12  A New Transmission Control Protocol for Active RFID Networks[Network simulator3]
13  Passive packet loss detection in Wi-Fi networks and its effect on HTTP traffic characteristics[Network simulator3]
14  Chaos-based modulation for blind and coherent signal detection in non-cooperative TDD cellular networks with large antenna arrays[Network simulator3]
15  Using Mininet for emulation and prototyping Software-Defined Networks[Network simulator3]
16  A High-Performance DAG Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Networked Embedded Systems[Network simulator3]
17  A non-iterative localization approach based on multi-dimensional scaling method for wireless sensor networks[Network simulator3]
18  Immune inspired green auto-configuration model for self-organizing networks[Network simulator3]
19  Cross-layer optimization for satellite-terrestrial heterogeneous networks[Network simulator3]
20  Quick event detection and reporting in low-duty-cycled wireless sensor networks[Network simulator3]