2014 NS3 Titles

1  A Type-Theoretic Framework for Automated Synthesis of Workflows in Service-Oriented Computing[network simulator3]
2  Profile-based building energy saving service in green computing environment [network simulator3]
3  UPnP and IEEE 11073: Integrating personal health devices in home networks[Network simulator3 project]
4  Do I Switch? Understanding Users’ Intention to Switch between Social Network Sites[Network simulator3 project]
5  A Framework for Integration of Rule-Oriented Data Management Policies with Network Policies[Network simulator3 project]
6  Spontaneity of Interaction in a Social Network[Network simulator3 project]
7  Stochastic queue modeling and key design metrics analysis for solar energy powered cellular networks[Network simulator3 project]
8  A network motif based approach for classifying online social networks[Network simulator3]
9  Investigating the Impact of Live Migration on the Network Infrastructure in Enterprise Environments
10  Scalability analysis of Flying Ad Hoc Networks (FANETs): A directional antenna approach[Network simulator3]